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Movement Source Instructors


Donna D'Angelo

Donna first started practicing Pilates at age 15 after a doctor had recommended it as a way of managing her scoliosis. Little did she know then that it would become a lifelong passion.


She practiced classical Pilates throughout most of her life, but turned to more contemporary approaches when it came to her certification. In 2014 she completed her mat certification through the Kane School of Core Integration, a progressive training program with a focus on biomechanics and anatomy. In 2019 she completed her equipment training through the Drexel Pilates Training Program, under the direction of Jennifer Morley, who studied under both Romana Kryzanowska and Karen Carlson.


Donna’s favorite thing about teaching Pilates is how personal it is. She loves helping her clients learn more about their bodies so that they can make mindful movement choices that make them feel stronger, taller and more energized throughout their day!


Outside of Pilates, Donna comes from a family of fishmongers and enjoys learning and teaching others about sustainable seafood. She enjoys cooking, traveling and playing with her hound dog, Bob.


Gabi Montoya

Gabi (she/her) has been dancing since she was six years old, and then graduated magna cum laude from Drexel University  with a Bachelor of Science in Dance with double minors in Psychology and Somatics.  Gabi completed her comprehensive Pilates certification from the Drexel Pilates Training Program in June 2016, as well as Balance Body's Barre Foundational certification in May 2022. Gabi loves an advanced reformer inversion and coordinated choreographic sequence, but also really values the foundations, principles, and rehabilitative, restorative, integrative approach to movement.


Gabi enjoys teaching Pilates and dance because she loves supporting others finding joy through embodiment and building relationship with self, others, and community. Gabi works with non-restrictive, health at every size, and trauma-informed approaches, always seeking centering, connection, and joy.

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Kate Seethaler

Kate Seethaler came to Pilates in search of a movement modality to support her dancing and dance teaching. As an unabashed nerd, she became hooked on the specificity and infinite possibilities that Pilates offers to all bodies. Kate received her full mat and equipment certification through InBalance Pilates at Aldrich Pilates in New Haven, CT.


In addition to teaching at Aldrich Pilates, she has taught this method at The Taft School, City Fitness, The Sporting Club at the Bellevue, as well as to City of New Haven employees and public school teachers. Kate also currently works as a dance teaching artist, choreographer, performer, and arts administrator. She is extremely excited and honored to join the staff and clients at Movement Source as it feels like home in a great many ways! 


Yuhan Su

Yuhan was first introduced to Pilates while she was looking for exercise integrating skills she built through weight training. Intrigued by Pilates’ precision and body-mind connection, she embarked on a journey of exploration that led her to become a Pilates instructor through Drexel Pilates Training Program in 2023.


Yuhan believes in the transformative potential of Pilates and is dedicated to empowering others to enhance body awareness, confidence and strength. Her approach combines thorough instruction with an element of enjoyment, ensuring each session is not only effective but also engaging and fulfilling.


Proudly calling Passyunk Sqaure home, Yuhan feels honored to serve the community she loves. Yuhan teaches in both English and Mandarin. 

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