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Private Lessons

Beginning August 3rd-

Private Lessons/Evaluations will be available in-studio.

Virtual Lessons will continue to be an option.  Please specify when signing up online.  


New Clients:

Begin with an Evaluation

Evaluation- $55

Intro Package- $170*

*1 Eval + 2 Private Lessons


Pricing Information

Sliding Pay Scale- $60-$70

10 Pack is available for $580

1/2 Private Lesson

Sliding Pay Scale- $40-$50

10 Pack is available for $380

Schedule on Schedulicity

*Half Sessions are also available (25 min)


Prerecorded Classes

Video links are released at class time and available for one week


Mon.  6:30pm Pilates Circuit

Blending classical Pilates principles with timed/enhanced repetitions.   

Tues.  7:00pm Restorative Pilates

* A special Mat Class with an extra focus on fascia release, lengthening and grounding.

Wed.  6:30pm Pilates Mat

Pricing Information

$15 per class

Sign up/Pay on Schedulicity

Zoom Classes

Sat.  8:00am Pilates Mat

Sat.  9am Pilates for Spinal Health

Dive into mat practice through the lens of a specific location (i.e. lower back/lumbar spine, shoulder girdle, upper back/thoracic spine, cervical spine/neck, feet, etc) and its relationship to the whole spine. Class will move the entire body mindfully and fully with the highlighted locale as the continued center of awareness. 

Saturday class proceeds will be donated to a different organization/cause each month.

July: Justice for Breonna Taylor

Pricing Information

$15 per class

Sign up/Pay on Schedulicity

Movement Source has a 12 hour cancellation policy

Contact with additional questions 

Virtual Content and Exercise Programming

In context to Movement Source, LLC’s online appointments, videos and/or written exercise programs-  I agree to proceed with caution and awareness. By watching/participating in this video- I certify that I am voluntarily participating in a physical conditioning and corrective exercise program.  To reduce and avoid injury, I will receive my physician's approval if needed before beginning any movement/fitness program.  By performing any exercises, I am performing them at my own risk. Movement Source, LLC and all representatives will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of virtual pre-recorded, live streaming, and/or written exercise programming.

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