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Movement Source

Pilates Studio

Movement Source infuses experienced Pilates instruction with empathy for the individual practitioner.  When joining the studio, the client can expect affordability and personalized attention in private lessons or small group classes.  

Since opening its doors in 2016, Movement Source Pilates Studio has been committed to providing a supportive, inclusive space to share the benefits of Pilates and movement with the South Philadelphia community.  

What Is Pilates?

Developed by Joseph Pilates, the traditional Pilates Method emphasizes mind - body balance.  Using specifically engineered equipment, exercises are performed with control and efficiency with the goal of developing equal strength and flexibility in the body. Practiced regularly, Pilates can improve posture, strength, flexibility, and stability.

Dear New Clients:

Begin with an Intro Lesson

This personalized session is designed for anyone who is either new to Pilates or new to the studio. 

This one-on-one appointment is an opportunity to ask questions, discuss your fitness/movement goals, address specific concerns and learn more about what Movement Source has to offer. 

Client Reviews

"The best pilates studio in South Philly! Highly recommended

after taking classes for almost two years."

Ben S.

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